Wedding Song

("Wedding Song")

Humpback whales, the only singing whale, breach with their arms down at their sides and generally flop back into the water on their backs. When they sing their heads are down towards the depths and their 15 foot arms are spread wide. This Humpback is breaching with his arms wide open in full song, hence the title, “Mele o Ka Male ‘ana” or “Wedding Song.”

Turtles mean long life to Hawaiians, depicted everywhere as a silouetted hieroglyph. This is a Hawksbill sea turtle, the most endangered for the beauty of their shells.

The Starfish is a symbol for hope and faith, the arms assisting to guide through the unknown.

Dolphins, always a symbol of joy and care-free playfulness, their medicine also includes change and transformation, wisdom, balance, harmony, communication between the unconscious (sea) and the conscious (sky), and understanding the power of the Natural Rhythms of Life.

There is sand from Oahu’s Hanauma Bay spread upon the beach and built into the blue planet as well to suggest the planet is an alternate Earth as a reminder that there are always alternate possibilities in life.

Saturn is there because what is a celestial sky without Saturn whose gaseous rings are united in visual unity like the atoms and molecules of physical substance or two individuals united in love.

The shooting star was a final addition after the joyous announcement of conception.

The two figures on the beach are self-explanatory.

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