"First Pixie Wood"

Original Drawings, Hand-painted in
Acrylics on 5x7 Wood Panels by


"Flute Pixie"
Flute Pixie

"The very air took form, became flesh, became bird, or bat, or dragonfly, and every whim was clothed in light. Newmade fairies clapped their hands, and the heavens shook . . .


           ". . . And the children of the air were already ages old." *


Old Man Tree

Old Man Tree

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

"Water Lily"
Water Lily

Where "Pixie Doodles" Came From

When my daughter and I first moved out of Austin into the country, we rented a little trailer nestled on five acres wherein lived the sweetest, one year old, abandoned Golden Retriever. We very easily adopted her, and my daughter named her Sara. Several years later, she developed tissue cancer in her mouth. There was nothing to be done that wouldn't be extremely expensive and do little but put the rest of her already aging life in misery. So we decided to let her live out her own natural life. She never complained, never whined or whimpered. She ran through the woods, and romped and played and swam, as her mouth swelled, teeth fell out, and she became grotesque to look at. Yet, she was happy and so full of love! Then one day, several months later, she came up to me, tears in eyes and she cried. It was time. That night, I couldn't paint. I laid down and, through my own tears, drew a little pixie, yes, with a tear in her eye, reaching out to set a butterfly free. That drawing will probably never be a painted doodle (I couldn't hold my tiny brushes steady enough). But I spent the next three months in hiatus from my oils to create four dozen "Pixie Doodles" in memory of sweet Sara lady.

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Poetry by Sondra Kay

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Pixie Doodles Copyright ©
Sondra Kay Neiman
* "The Second Earth,
The Pentateuch Retold"
by Patrick Woodroffe
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